Small Batch 


In a kitchen under the train tracks in East Harlem, at the historic La Marqueta, Laurie & her sons cook, pour and score fresh batches of golden, buttery, crispy, crunchy toffee. Each piece of toffee is dipped by hand in our Fairtrade chocolate and topped with the perfect accent.  


Carefully Sourced

We carefully researched. reviewed and tested every ingredient that comes into our kitchen and goes into our candy snacks.  From the organic sugar from Brazil to the dairy-fresh AA creamery butter.  We know the fifth generation chocolate-making family from San Francisco that makes our Fair Trade chocolate (now with sunflower lecithin!) and our sea salt is both hand-harvested and sustainably produced by an artisan on the coast of Maine.

Giving Back

Photo credit: Yel Ratajczak / Oxfam

Photo credit: Yel Ratajczak / Oxfam

Giving back is part of our mission.  From gender justice for female cocoa farmers -- to supporting workers in the fields -- to working with adults with developmental disabilities from the neighborhood, we seek to support those who help us grow and make our food.